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  • Our product does not contain Pork, Lard, MSG or any Artificial Preservatives.
  • Product must be kept refrigerated after opening.
  • Note that all our retail prices are subject to changes without prior notice.
Packing  : Square Glass Container            Packing  : Round Glass Container
                 108mm(H) x 88mm(W)                               90mm(H) x 68mm(D)
Nett Wgt : 550gm                                         Nett Wgt : 235gm

Ipoh's Famous Oldtown Recipe Salted-Fish Acar is a traditional Nyonya Hokkien savoury dish made ready to serve. It is simply delicious with Rice, Noodles, Porridge, Bread, Vegetables and Seafood. Packed in glass containers with a choice of 2 sizes, this family secret recipe is a must to try !